State of the Art Hardware

Our machines have passed the industry’s most comprehensive tests through BMM Compliance of Las Vegas, NV. This testing further cements Pen-Tech’s reputation as a brand you can trust.

Showcased on 19” or 22” flat panel high resolution LCD monitors, Pen-Tech's games feature card based gaming technology and contain a GL-11 approved cabinet.  Pen-Tech’s proven technology features:

  • 3D Accelerated Real Time Graphics
  • Surface Wave Technology Touch Screen
  • X-VGA Graphics (1024 x 768)
  • 32 Bit Color (4 billion colors)
  • Player Selectable Denomination and Cash/Credit View
  • 15 min. Game Terminal Battery Backup
  • 1024 bit Public Key Encryption
  • GigaBit Ethernet
  • JCM UBA Bill Acceptors "Optional"
  • Ithaca 950 TITO printer "Optional"
  • SAS Ver.6.02 interface
  • S2S Interface
  • Card Based Gaming
  • Stereo Sound with Sub-Woofer
  • Configurable LED Lighting
  • Enterprise Class Servers

As technology changes, Pen-Tech rises above the standards and implements technology that changes the way games are played. Pen-Tech has the capacity to help you infuse technology into your business that reaches into the future. With Pen-Tech technology, your business can revolutionize its gaming library.