Pen-Tech has had its software tested by BMM Compliance of Las Vegas, NV for compliance and reliability on its pull-tab software (bingo games).





The gaming business is a 24/7 operation and that is when we are there for you. Service to you and your customers is our greatest priority.





Pen-Tech strives beyond industry standards to simplify floor management and heighten the gaming experience for your customers. Pen-Tech is licensed in VA, and is currently pending for the MD market.



Pen-Tech is an operator of industry-leading games, technology, and systems that specializes in working with small and mid-sized operators.

Pen-Tech is dedicated to serving the gaming market with solutions and support for all your gaming needs. From game selection, technology and marketing to management, service and repair, we are capable of providing the ultimate service environment for each and every customer.

Pen-Tech understands it takes more than just placing games in a room to create a successful business. It takes a solid partnership. At Pen-Tech, placing the games is just the start of our relationship. We believe we only succeed if you are successful. To ensure this success, we assist you in creating, implementing and overseeing marketing and operational plans that help you maximize your return on investment, and at the same time, customer satisfaction. As your partner, our knowledgeable team of highly skilled professionals is always immediately responsive to your needs. This is where we genuinely outshine the competition.

Pen-Tech’s library of exciting game themes continues to grow. Our server based games with custom graphics, sounds, free spins and exciting bonus rounds attract and captivate more players for increased revenues! Our Games and Platform have been tested for reliability and compliance by BMM Compliance Testing of Las Vegas. Pen-Tech provides you with alternatives that don’t require additional capital investment, while giving you exciting new choices to increase revenue.